Tigers: Here is a “HOW TO” Prep for Exams

TIGERS: Here’s a “HOW TO PREP FOR EXAMS” article to help make exams something you don’t run from, but face head-on with confidence and calmness!

Whether this is your first real round of final exams as a freshman or your last time stepping into the college classroom, every student knows how important these final exams are to your overall GPA and obtaining the degree you’ve been working so hard for.


  1. Make a plan and stick to it: With 3+ classes to study for and exams on all different days in the same week, the work load ahead could seem extremely overwhelming for one person to take on. Not to mention, most college students also are working a part-time/full-time job as well. It is important that you plan ahead.  Write out a schedule of your exam dates, prioritizing them by level of importance and the amount of study time required. Running in circles will get you nowhere. Sit down with your favorite cup of joe and sketch that “ish” out.
  2.  Don’t forget, you are not alone: There is about a 70% chance, okay about a 100% chance that one of your best buds or classmates is in the corner secretly panicking about the overwhelming work to come. Tackle it together. Don’t forget “two heads are always better than one”. Throw a date down on a calendar to have a full-on study session. Study sessions help hold you accountable and keep you focused. It is ONE week of your life- YOU CAN DO IT.
  3.  Pace yourself: We all have that one friend who will stay up 24 hours straight cramming for their exam. While that sounds miserable and to them effective, it is extremely counterproductive. Studies show that in order to maintain long-term retention of information, stepping away and taking breaks are crucial. Put the pencil down Helen and go get a breath of fresh air! Additionally, develop a study schedule that works for you. We are not all morning or night people. Form-fit the schedule to what works for your brain.
  4. Drop the snickers… and pick up the banana: You may think you need that sugar to reenergize you or that with all of the exhaustion you deserve a pick me up. However, note that eating more nutritional foods can really have an impact on your energy levels and focus. Some nutritional foods that have been proven to increase concentration and memory are nuts, seeds, fish, yogurt, and blueberries. Head to the grocery, you won’t regret the prep work.
  5.  Create your own study guide: Most professors will provide you with an outline of material to make sure you know what is going to be on the exam, but making your own might be beneficial. This will help you narrow down what you are struggling with the most to help not waste time on topics you are already knowledgeable about.

All in all, no one is super thrilled about taking those final exams, but it is a part of the process whether you are pumped or not. So, why not prep for success instead of procrastinating your way into a ball of stress?

Prepping for Exams

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