Tiger Lane Tailgating

No matter how the Memphis Tigers football team is performing any given season, you will always find those die-hard Tiger fans at every home game, if not every game.  You will also find them celebrating pre-game at Tiger Lane outside the Liberty Bowl stadium with tasty treats, Tiger flags and tents and everything Tiger blue!  The laughter and cheers of thousands of students, alumni and fans decked out in Tiger gear echo through the Liberty Bowl parking lots as early as 8pm the day before the game.

If you want to experience Tiger Lane tailgating like the ‘professionals’, Tiger Bookstore is here to help!

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Bookstore has all your game day and tailgating gear!

Tiger Gear

It is an absolute MUST to sport Tiger blue for the game and during Tiger Lane tailgating festivities.  Tiger Bookstore has you covered with t-shirts, hoodies, caps and jackets.  For the hardcore Tiger fan, we have everything from wigs and face paint to Tiger tails and ears!  And don’t worry…if you get there and feel you’re not tigerlicious enough, Tiger Bookstore is always selling Tiger merchandise at Tiger Lane before the games and inside the stadium during the games.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Look for Tiger Bookstore at Tiger Lane in the Highland Hundred lot and inside the Liberty Bowl stadium.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Get creative with your football tailgating treats!

Food and Drink

In the sacred art of tailgating, one must have food!  Traditionally, juicy burgers and plump franks did the trick.  But, today tailgate grilling is serious business!  You’ll find tailgaters slow cooking ribs, chicken on the rotisserie, and dozens of types of dips.  If you’re looking for tasty, unique creations that are sure to please, check out our Tailgating! board on Pinterest.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Bookstore has Memphis Tigers tailgating utensils, napkins, plates, cups…everything you need for grilling and entertaining.

Make sure you come armed with the proper cooking tools and utensils so you’re not trying to flip your burgers with a plastic fork.  You might need tongs, spatulas, a basting brush, skewers, foil, and a cooking thermometer.  Also, don’t forget the cups, napkins, plates, plastic ware, and wet wipes.  And you can never have too many condiments!  Honey BBQ sweet ‘n’ sour spicy jalapeno mustard? Yes, please!

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Blue Jello shots are one of the game day libations found in Tiger Lane.

Tiger tea, blue margaritas, blue Jello shots, football punch…creativity is abound in the drink department as well! When it comes to game day celebrations and you are over 21, please party responsibly so good times can be had for all.  Make sure you are also stocked with non-alcoholic beverages and plenty of water.  Your bar necessities include a blender, bottle opener and cork screw.  And don’t forget your favorite Memphis koozies and shot glasses!

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Don’t forget to pick up some tailgating games and accessories before heading out to Tiger Lane.

Tailgating Fun and Games

Many people have their TVs and even satellite dishes, but there are many good old-fashioned ways to have fun and keep your guests entertained.  Swing by Tiger Bookstore and get your Memphis Tiger cornhole toss games and table tennis (or beer pong tables) with Tiger pong balls.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Lane tailgating is one of the best things about Memphis Tigers football season!

Don’t make your guests sit on the curb!  Bring plenty of chairs and tables.  If your just visiting Tiger Lane, carry your own fold-up chair so you’ll be comfortable no matter where you end up.

Memphis weather can be very unpredictable, so check the forecast before heading out.  Once that sun goes down, you could be looking at a significant drop in temperature.  It never hurts to carry extra hoodies, blankets, gloves, and scarves.  If you forget or don’t plan well, we will be selling these items at the game.  But we might sell out, so find us early!  Also be prepared with tailgate tents, tarps, and umbrellas.

Tailgating before the Memphis football games is a necessary part of the football season experience.  It’s a chance to meet other Tiger fans and a way to support your hometown team.  If you celebrate responsibly and follow the Liberty Bowl/Tiger Lane rules and regulations, you will have great weekend of deliciousness, libations, and comradery!


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