How to Create and Manage an Effective Study Group

Finals are around the corner.  Are you ready?

Does your brain feel like mush due to the inability to comprehend certain facts or formulas?

Does running far into the woods seem like the only viable way to escape your schoolwork stresses? Don’t let it get to that point!

Studying on your own goes a long way to providing added comfort and confidence when it comes to upcoming assignments, tests, or exams. But what about the material you can’t quite wrap your head around? Have you ever considered joining or creating a study group? A study group could be your ticket to a less stressful college experience, among other fantastic benefits.

Benefits, eh?

Wanting to study alone isn’t a crime. Everyone has the right to decide their own study techniques, and frankly, some people just study better by themselves than with a group. However, statistics show most students are willing to devote more than 3 times as long to studying with a group than on their own. This can make a huge impact on your test scores! We’ve listed a few other benefits to joining a study group below:

  • Get to Know Your Peers – Your group is dealing with the same experiences you are in college. Learning more about the folks in your group is an awesome way to strike up a friendship.
  • Motivation – Motivate and challenge each other to go above and beyond!
  • Delve Deeper – Re-phrasing a question or problem in your own words within a group atmosphere can shed new light on subjects you previously didn’t comprehend.


Tried looking into local study groups with no luck? No worries! It’s incredibly simple to build your own. These tips should help simplify the process of founding your own group:

  • An effective study group has 3-4 members (5 at the most). If available, post an ad in your school’s online forum, tape fliers around campus, and generally spread the word by any means possible.
  • Choose a group leader. This person is responsible for keeping the group on track and making sure no one feels frustrated with the group’s pace.
  • Meet at least once a week. Take a vote to determine how long your sessions should be.
  • Emphasize preparation. If one person shows up late or unprepared, the entire group suffers the consequences.

Manage the Group Like a Boss

Check building a study group off your list! You should now have a committed group of people with the same goal: academic success. Did you think you were done? Nope! Your next task is to manage your group. These pointers can help your meetings run like a well oiled machine:

  • Decide as a group what you will cover in your next session. Start discussing topics via email a few days prior to your meeting. Make sure your group completely agrees on the designated content.
  • Keep homework problems to a minimum! Reviewing a few problems from your homework assignment is fine; however, it’s not something to base your meetings around. Sure, you may come to understand the problem itself, but you have to delve deeper to truly grasp the concept or formula.
  • The clock is ticking! When determining the week’s topics, don’t overload yourselves. Pick a subject and then have each person choose a formula or rule they would like to review.

Remember, while extremely beneficial, creating a study group can feel like a burden if everyone doesn’t take it seriously. Use these tips to help you establish and maintain an active study group and watch your test scores dramatically improve!

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