College Dorm Room Decor Tips on a Budget

True or False: Decorating your dorm room is crazy boring and über expensive. FALSE! Whether you’re decorating your first dorm room or making changes to your current one, it’s always exciting to try something new. Problem is the economy doesn’t always allow for the expensive sofas and ginormous TVs we want. To make it easier on you, we’ve cooked up a list of tips to make your dorm room feel just like home.

Shop Around

Awesome post-it wall art found on Pinterest

Awesome post-it wall art found on Pinterest

Need a lamp? How about a couch? The biggest mistake you could make while shopping for furniture is settling for the first item you come across. Search around (responsibly) on sites such as Craigslist or your college’s forum, if available. Local thrift stores also serve as a treasure trove of fantastic finds. Keep a list of the different pieces of furniture you locate including the store name and cost, then weigh out your options before making a decision.

Keep your furniture conservative and functional. Here’s a quick list of additional goodies to invest in:

  • A cheap fan can keep you and your electric bill cool during the summer months.
  • Investing in a mini fridge and microwave may seem expensive, but you won’t believe the amount of money you’ll save not having to eat out every night.
  • Have a chest of drawers with extra drawer space? To avoid clutter, use the drawers to store your other numerous odds and ends.

Ready to get crafty? If you have furniture you’re looking to spruce up or maybe a wall that’s a little too blank, there are tons of cheap ways to mix it up. Here’re a few ideas to tickle your fancy and inspire you to create something that’s all you:

Make art from free paint samples

  • Save space and show off your unique style by investing in a few plastic tubs and some wrapping paper or fabric. Use wrapping paper or fabric to line the outside of the boxes (like wrapping a present) then secure with tape on the inside.
  • Do the same with the lid. Store books, chargers, photos, or anything you want in these tubs. Your tubs will match your other decorations and won’t feel like clutter.
  • Paint samples can be a crafter’s best friend. You can pick these up at your local home depot and at most hardware stores. Grab several strips in whatever colors you choose and use them to fill in spaces on your wall or bulletin board. Do what you want. It’s your space!
  • Feeling homesick? Instead of using tons of push pins to hang pictures (and poke ghastly holes in them) invest in some string or yarn, clothes pins, and Command Damage Free Hooks. Place your hooks on the wall then tie the string around each hook. Be sure to leave some slack between in the string. Now, pin your pictures to the string with the clothes pins. Simple as that!
  • For cheap and removable wall decor, cover a wall with fabric.
  • Recycle your old magazines into a plant or alarm clock stand. Magazine pages can be recycled hundreds of different ways and add a nice splash of color to any space.
  • Use bed risers or blocks under your bed to provide extra space for storage.Capture
  • Create a braided rag rug from old t-shirts or fabric scraps.
  • No dorm room is complete without a lava lamp. Create your own to match your dorm decor.

We hope these tips help you design a comfortable living space for your time in college. Check out Pinterest and Craftster for more fun, easy, and cheap ideas to help shape up your dorm room. Best of luck!

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