8 Nifty Products for College Dorm Living

For college students living in the dorms or in off campus housing, we are always looking for those über cool products to liven up our living space and even help make us a more efficient student.  Everywhere you go there are pillows and posters and chairs, all of which would look perfect in that 10×12 box you call home.  But sometimes you need and want more.  So Tiger Bookstore has teamed up with Dormco to offer some neato things at prices college students can afford!  Here’s just a taste-8 nifty products for college dorm living we think are boss.


Stick UM! Wall Sticky HolderStick UM! - Wall Sticky HolderStick UM! - Wall Sticky Holder

If college dorm room walls could talk, they’d probably say they wish they could do more for you. With this Stick UM! dorm wall sticky holder, your college dorm room walls can do more for you. A lot more. Using innovative adhesive technology, this dorm sticky holder can keep anything from your cell phone to photos up on your dorm room wall. It can be hard to find a place to put your cell phone that is close enough to your dorm bed. But with this dorm Stick UM! you can keep your cell phone on the wall right next to your bed. College dorm rooms are small, so if you can take advantage of all the space in your room, why not do it? In college dorm rooms you can’t hang shelves, but you can use our Stick UM! dorm holder to keep all of your dorm must have supplies right where you need them.

Cover your entire dorm wall with Wizard Wall Dry Erase!College dorm room or office dry erase roll for wall using static cling technology

We are serious … 4 to 50 Feet of dry-erase! This innovative dry erase sheet works like none other. Instead of staying on your wall with mounting tape like traditional dry-erase boards or staying up with a sticky peel and stick, this dry erase sheet stays up with patented cling technology. The latest in college dorm decor products, our Wizard Wall is seriously huge and can cover not just your entire dorm wall, but your entire dorm wing too! This product is not just innovative, but it is made for the college budget, a 4 ft section only costs $12.98. Mom & Dad, we fully understand if you want your own Wizard Wall for the office, as this dry erase cling sheet is also great for presentations and meetings. No wall damage! No sticky residue left on the wall! This Wizard Wall literally just clings to your wall and stays up. Write on it with dry erase markers without it moving and if you want to take it down or change locations you can do that, too.

Protect your valuable laptop and its contents with the latest in personal security…The Laptop DefenderProtect your laptop with wireless protection in your dorm room, common area, school, college, or office.

The Laptop Defender finally provides a high tech way to protect your lap top from dorm theft! Attach it to your laptop, set your code and it is armed and ready! Simply put, there is no easier way to protect your laptop from theft. Its blinking light tells all around you that your computer is being protected. It is lightweight and no bigger than a credit card and there are no bulky wires or chains to lug around campus. Your computer is wireless, so there’s no reason your laptop security shouldn’t be as well. The Laptop Defender doesn’t even need batteries. Just plug it into your USB port and it will recharge itself. Go get that latte…Your laptop is now protected!

The Cedar Roll – Dorm Desk & Dresser DeodorizerCedar Roll - Dorm Desk & Dresser Deodorizer for college dorms, apartments, offices, closets, drawers, and shelves.

Use the power of cedar to bring freshness and bug protection to your college dorm room. The Cedar Roll – Dorm Desk & Dresser Deodorizer is an inexpensive and natural/non-toxic way to deodorize your dorm room’s dresser drawers, closet, pantry, and other little dorm nooks. Dorms tend to become stagnant at times, and stagnant means stinky! This is a convenient way to make sure that everything in every nook of your dorm room stays nice and fresh. The aromatic cedar scent is a magical pest repellent – known to ward off roaches, ants, mites, and more! With 6 feet of cedar rolls so you can really go to town and line your dorm room from top to bottom with cedar freshness!


Carry groceries and bags with ease with Baggler from your car to your apartment, condo, or dorm.

Baggler makes your dorm trips to the grocery store or mall easier. At home it was simple, you’d pull up to your home and unload the groceries or bags you had from your recent shopping trip, but in college that is completely different. When living in the dorms you’ll either have to park in a college parking lot that will have you walking for miles to get to your dorm or worse you’ll be walking from your dorm to the local store. Both of these travels make carrying plastic bags a very difficult experience. Protect your hands by using this nifty tool. Beyond protecting your hands from plastic bags, the Baggler also helps prevent your bags from ripping and overall makes the weight of your bags easier to carry because the weight of your contents is more easily distributed. Functionally smart dorm product. An essential college product for students on campus and off!

Pizza DomePizza Dome allows you to cook forzen pizza right in your college dorm room, small apartment, or office without an oven.  Comes with pizza recipes.

Frozen pizza is one of the best things in life. Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration. But frozen pizza is pretty good! If you love pizza and are wondering how you’re going to get your fix once you’re living in the dorms, then you need this Pizza Dome! This is an innovative dorm supply that can make fresh pizza whenever you want, simply by plugging it into an outlet. No fanciness necessary! It comes with an instruction manual so you know just how to make some awesome dorm pizza, and it even comes with recipes ideas if you’re feeling like being creative! Making a one-time investment of a quality dorm supply like our Pizza Dome is worth it. Ordering pizza for delivery can add up after just a few times.

Nap ZapperNap Zapper keeps you from falling asleep during studying, exams, driving, or work.  Stay alert and safe with this popular college accessory

Nap Zapper – The No Sleep Study Aid is the ultimate dorm supply. In college, there will be plenty of nights when you’ll be up late doing homework, writing papers, and studying in your dorm room. Protect yourself from falling asleep while studying and ensure that you don’t waste valuable time to master your course work with this Nap Zapper. If your head starts to nod as you doze off, the Nap Zapper will alert an alarm in your ear to wake you up. It isn’t just perfect for studying, but it is also great for long drives and staying awake at your job. When you’re in college, if you bring a car with you to school you will most likely have to drive yourself home on breaks. You can use this to make sure you don’t doze off into a micro-sleep at the wheel.

Clocky Alarm ClockClocky alarm clock will roll off your table and around your dorm room or apartment so you have to get up to turn it off.

If you snooze you lose! Well … maybe you won’t lose, but you will be forced out of bed. The key to making those early AM college classes is to actually get out of bed.  Clocky is an alarm clock with a personality. Invented by a college student, this alarm clock is designed to make sure you start your day on time. Compact, lightweight and with wheels, this clock will actually leap off your bedside table and start doing laps around your dorm room. The whole time making alarm clock noises that sound like StarWars’ R2-D2. The point is you have to get out of bed. Whether you catch Clocky hiding under your dorm bed or making its way towards your dorm window, you have to catch it to turn it off. This can be quite amusing since you’ll be half asleep, but in the end, Clocky did its job. Since it got you out of bed you might as well stay up and get ready for class!  Clocky is a fun and useful college student gift. Perfect as a high school graduation gift for new incoming freshmen who might need that little extra push to wake up.

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