What To Do the Summer Before College

Do you plan on entering the University of Memphis this fall and you’re wondering what to do with your summer? You’ll want to spend time enjoying yourself while getting prepared for the big move. Here’s what to do the summer before college.


Now is the time to save up a little money so you can have time for studying and extracurricular activities during the school year. Don’t have to work? Great! Real world experience interning helps pad your resume and can help you decide on a major. The University of Memphis has some great information on internships. And check out Tiger Bookstore’s Digital Marketing and eCommerce Specialist Internship for the fall!


Take advantage of this down time to catch up on your favorite novels. You’ll be too busy reading course material once college begins. Reading will help keep you mentally sharp and give you great topics for conversation when meeting new people!


Summer vacation is a term gone with the past once you enter college and the real world, so take advantage and travel! The experience provides great relaxing, learning experiences, and culture.


Need we say more?

Spend Time with Family and Friends

If the UofM is away from home for you, there’s a chance you’ll become really homesick. So, make sure you spend some quality time with your friends and family while you can. Even if Memphis is your home, college tends to take up a lot of time and you’ll find your network of friends growing.

Get organized

Going into the new school year will go so much smoother if you are organized and ready to go. Set a budget and get your financials in order. Plan your dorm room or apartment necessities. Gather all your school paperwork and work ahead of all the final deadlines.

Shop for Back to School

Summertime is a great time to hit the sales on fall and winter clothing. You also want to beat the back to school rush on supplies. Check out our Dorm Room Essentials list!

Start Thinking about College Extracurricular Activities

Intramural sports, exercise classes, Greek life, student government…You’ll want to be involved to have a more enriching experience in college. Peruse the University of Memphis website and social media sites to get all the information you can ahead of time as groups start planning things before classes begin.

Binge TV

Make sure you finish up those Netflix marathons of 13 Reasons Why or OITNB this summer. The only time you’ll have for these is when you’re procrastinating studying for your exams!

Attend Frosh Camp

Frosh Camp at the University of Memphis is a four-day extended orientation program incoming UofM freshmen. Frosh Camp is a great way to meet new friends, learn about getting involved at UofM, and get connected to campus before classes even begin! Start your Memphis experience on the right foot with Frosh Camp!

Shop for Tiger Gear

And you gotta make sure you’re stocked up on Memphis Tigers clothing and accessories! Tiger Bookstore has the largest selection and best prices in town. We are the go-to place for all current U of Memphis students and Memphis fans, and you’ll see why once you stop by!

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Check out our blogs, Real Advice From a University of Memphis College Student and Tips for Incoming University of Memphis Freshmen for great advice for your first semester. Congratulations on choosing the University of Memphis and we wish you an AMAZING school year!

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