It’s a Wonderful (Student) Life

Besides the occasional stresses, college student life is great. You get to class on time (mostly), study, turn in assignments, take exams, and you’re on the road to solid grades. Yet as time passes and college comes to an end, you’ll find yourself entering into a dimension known as “the real world.” People tend to ask “what makes this world so real, and why doesn’t what I’m doing now constitute as the real world?” The truth of the matter is that after college, many of us are inevitably destined to enter into a world of commuting, office work attire, and higher salaries.

Basically, if you’ve been under the impression that college = the real world, think again! The below infographic demonstrates the difference between your college and future professional lives.

It's a Wonderful (student) Life

A look at the differences between the college world and the real world.

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  1. gared hutyu

    College life is all fun! You go to parties. Sleep most of the day. Wear what you want. Drink any day of the week, and Get to spend money that you you have not worked for! I wish life was that easy :)!


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