How to Be a Successful and Profitable Tutor

Juggling college and work can be tricky. But you have to eat, right? One way to use your schooling to make money is to become a tutor. As a tutor, you have control over scheduling, what age group you want to work with, and your hourly rate. Here’s a deeper look at how to become a successful and profitable tutor.

The 411

  • Advertise – Start out by posting fliers at nearby grocery stores or schools. Search for online tutoring forums to post details regarding your tutoring sessions. Another idea is to research online blogs about education or tutoring. Get a feel for their blogging style and offer to post blogs on their website in exchange for free advertisement.
  • Organize – Once you secure a clientele, it’s time to make the necessary preparations. Establish a quiet, well-lit meeting space that’s free of distractions. Although you may request the student bring along their own supplies, it’s good to have a few extra pieces of paper, pens, pencils, and erasers on hand just in case.
  • Assess – Discuss with the student where they experience the most difficulty and what their goals are. If the student isn’t college aged, talk to the parents to see where they have noticed struggles.
  • Plan – After speaking with both the student and parents, you should have a decent idea of where the student needs assistance. Create a lesson plan specifically tailored to your student’s needs. Decide what you will be covering prior to each session and provide homework assignments for extra practice when necessary.
  • Meet – Have both the parents and student commit to meeting on certain days. Even if you are only tutoring one student, stress the importance of your time and theirs. Missed appointments will render your tutoring sessions ineffective.
  • Most Importantly: Show You Care – Get to know the student. Studies show students perform better when taught by someone they know who cares about them and their goals. Email parents with updates after each session and encourage parents to keep you updated on test scores and report cards. After all, the student’s success is your success!

Remember, the greatest advertisement ever is word of mouth! Produce dynamic results and folks will hear about it. Do your part to help generate successful students, happy parents, and make yourself a little money while you’re at it. Happy Tutoring!

Make Money Tutoring in College

Make Money Tutoring in College

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