Fight Tigers Fight ‘Cause We’re Going All the Way…

The University of Memphis Tigers are undeniably living up to our fight song. The Tigers have defied a mass of odds already this season, and things are only looking to get better. As the tigers currently sit at 6-1, they are the team to beat and, as ESPN put it, “The best football team in Tennessee!” We Memphians plan on finishing the season strong behind our Tigers and we need to recap what we’ve learned so far this victorious season.

Photo: Troy Taormina, USA TODAY Sports

First things first, I think it’s safe to say that every team we play for the remainder of the season needs to BEWARE OF TONY POLLARD. This Memphis native not only ended the program’s 20-year stretch without a kick return for a touchdown last season versus Temple. But, he has added three more kickoff returns to his stats for this season already. If that wasn’t impressive enough, he is only in his sophomore season. So, we have a mass of Tony Pollard’s excellence to be note-worthy of in Memphis for a little longer.


Secondly, our Tigers are officially post-season bowl game eligible. Being bowl eligible is something that we have a rocky history with here in Memphis. Our Tigers currently stand 5-5 in bowl games overall with our last win being in the infamous Miami Beach Bowl vs BYU in 2014. Although that win was followed by two hurtful bowl game loses in 2015 and 2016, with the way the Tigers are playing this year, we should be expecting a return of the 2014 spirited Tigers! Previous to winning in 2014, two more notable bowl wins from the Tigers came from the 2003 win against North Texas and the 2005 Motor City Bowl win against Akron.

Finally, you cannot speak on Tiger football without acknowledging the heart-tugging, electrifying, rip-roaring triumph against Houston. From the triple-icing of the kicker ending the first half, to our defense doing what they do best, to Riley Ferguson finding Sean Dykes in the last two minutes. All Memphis fans need to be aware of the game that literally redefined our season and no cougar will quickly forget the night that the Tigers came to town!

So, don’t forget to brush up on your fight song lyrics, head to Tiger Bookstore for your Memphis Tigers $5 game day t-shirts and game day gear, and be ready to rock the Liberty Bowl Friday, October 27th as your Tigers attempt to keep this winning season moving versus Tulane! GOOOOO TIGERS GO!

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