The 50 Best College Study Aid Blogs

How useful or not study aids are to you will largely depend on the relevance of the content and how that content is presented. They need to stimulate you sufficiently for you to use them to your full advantage, and many of our 50 Best Study Aid Blogs below highlight study resources which the authors have found do just that.

However, there is more to studying than picking up a book or scrolling through web pages, and our selection includes blogs where you can find out more about study systems, delve into the psychology of studying and find out how to survive study life. We have also included some study news blogs where you can catch up with the latest technological advances in study aids and some personal commentaries on what studying is all about.

Get studying!

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Study Resources

The College Survival Handbook – An excellent blog by the “student who survived”. Not just about studying, but also about what you should be studying for and how to achieve it

Study Smart Smorgasbord – A little bit of everything in this motivation style blog which preaches that you should not study more, but improve the quality of your studying

eLearning Technology – Pretty advanced stuff in Tony Karrer´s technologically influenced blog, but his lists of lists provide a great resource whichever subjects you are studying.

Dreambox Learning – A blog dedicated to making learning fun. Mostly directed at younger students and their parents, but well worth investigating – especially if you are a teacher!

Study Skills Blog – A good blog on which to find tips about college studying, memorizing knowledge and applying it in examinations

Life Hacker – This blog would probably appear on many “Best Blog” lists. Mining relevant study information will prove valuable

Study Habits – Many excellent practical articles in this absorbing blog

10 Academic Resources Daily – Worldwide post-grad studying opportunities

The Stingy Scholar – Advocate of free education publishes where you can find it

Bionic Teaching – Technologically orientated blog offering tips on graphic design

Dissertation Research – Great tips on navigating the Internet to find those hard-to-find references

Rapid e-Learning – Compelling and exceptionally useful resource for online students

eLearning Post – Excellent resource in news article style. A good insight into what corporate managers want from graduates in terms of technological knowledge

Making Change – Advice for adult students studying for advancement in the business world

Presentation Zen – A fantastic blog helping you to present your work with greater strength

Study Systems

IQ Matrix – How to accelerate your learning potential by navigating your mind map

Study Skills Mentor – Top blog on study routines, time management and planning

Study Skills Ca – Some free useful study tips in this ad for Canadian study e-book

Test Preparation – How to overcome anxiety and prepare yourself mentally for examinations

Language Learning Blog – Not a system per se, but plenty of tips for studying a second language

How to Study Bootcamp – A few useful study tips between the ads for the book

Study Psychology

Study Hacks – “Doing a Small Number of Things Well” and other guides to getting the motivation to study, by the author of “How to Become a Straight A Student” and “How to Win at College”

Informal Learning – An advocate of learning by impromptu necessity. Interesting.

Learnlets – Fascinating blog on the ways in which learning influences us

Random Walk in Learning – Video blog focusing on anything and everything learning-related

The Good Intern – How to become the educated employee that all businesses are looking for

eLearning Queen – The psychology of online education discussed along with social and cultural educational issues

Study Life

The College Solution – Every student should read this blog – and every parent to. Not content with providing some excellent resources, this blogs includes a lot about financing your studies so you do not have the stresses of money handicapping your learning ability.

Don´t Let Higher Ed Eat Your Soul – Excellently written (by a student) guide to pop culture, procrastination and productivity. Often irreverent, but never irrelevant to study life

Study Abroad Blog – All about studying in a different country and how to survive it!

E-Learner Skills – Funny, but dated, study blog written by a mature Californian student

Speed of Creativity – Blog focusing on inspirational learning and technology

Dr. Wizard´s Advice – Insightful and often funny look at college life. Studying was mentioned!

College Advice – General college advice includes how to overcome procrastination when studying

College v.2 – Some excellent resources among the dated entries in this student blog

Blogush – Advice for those studying to become teachers – about the real world of being an educator!

Study News

Online learning Update – For students and educators on the latest study aids for online learning

Learning Trends – The latest techno advances to help you develop greater e-learning skills

Study Comment

Learning With “e”s – Not a comment on your grades, but rather an award-winning blog by Associate Professor of learning technology, Steve Wheeler, on making technology work for you in education

Breakthrough eLearning – Intelligent blog combating prejudice against online qualifications

Dennis G Jerz – A professor’s muses on literacy and note taking with tips on creative writing

College Lesson Study – Educators put to the test in this older, but revealing, blog on study

Clive on Learning – A computer consultant´s view on using technology for education

2 Cents Worth – Popular teacher´s blog on news affecting education

Beth´s Thoughts – An experienced teacher comments on technology in the classroom

Derek´s Blog – A different view of technology in the classroom from an e-learning  director

Stephen Downes – Socially orientated blog, aspiring towards free education for all

Education Change – Not always about studying, but contains many thought provoking comments on the issues that affect students

Jarche – Social media and its relationship with business for ongoing education are examined in Harold Jarche´s intelligent blog

Dan Assen´s Learning – Dan focuses in his blog on learning innovations and the integration of social media in education


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