5 New Year’s Resolutions for University of Memphis Students

Ah, the semester break is almost over…now what? As you prepare for your spring semester in college, it’s a good time to take a personal inventory and set some new year’s resolutions. Yeah, you try every year and rarely see any of them through. But, this time it’s different, of course! The key is to set realistic and specific goals that are easily worked into your daily routine. To help get you started, here’s 5 new year’s resolutions for University of Memphis students to help you have a successful and fun semester and year!

1. Get (a specific number) of hours of sleep a night.It's hard to find time to rest in college

Sleep is hard to come by in college! But, you know everything suffers when you don’t get adequate rest. It’s important to your health and your ability to juggle everything. The amount of sleep needed is different for everyone, so figure out what works best for you. Then BE SPECIFIC! Don’t just say, ‘Get more rest’. Instead say, ‘Get SIX hours every night’. Your long-term academic success depends on it!

2. Eat Healthier.The Memphis Farmer's Market is a great place to find fresh, local produce.

Okay, so you try this every year. But, this time set specific goals. How about just cutting fast food down to twice per week. Or, delete that Domino’s app from your phone. Go to the Farmer’s Market with your friends on Saturdays to get some fresh fruit and veggies to snack on for the week. Buy a water bottle to carry with you on campus to stay hydrated. Don’t deprive yourself, just doing the little things can make a huge difference.

Check out the rec center at the UofM3. Exercise!

Yeah, yeah. I’ll get around to it. I still have…ONLY TWO MONTHS ‘TIL SPRING BREAK! Wha??? Yep. It sneaks up on you. That holiday food, sweatpants, and those Netflix binges have taken a toll. Since you’ll be eating better, too (refer to resolution 2), it shouldn’t be too tough. First, park far from your classes. The lot by the UofM rec center is perfect. Then, after class, go there to get your sweat on! Set a goal of twice per week to start. Before you know it, you’ll be sportin’ leggings without Spanx and running marathons. Well, maybe not, but you’ll feel so much better and it’ll help with resolution number one.

4. Finish your papers and projects early.

Now, this is a tough one. This may sound completely unrealistic and idealistic, but if you look back some of the highest-stress parts of the semester come when major papers and projects are due. And planning to do something the night before is just planning to procrastinate! So why not plan to finish a little early so you can get some sleep, not be as stressed, and — most likely — turn in a better assignment? Then you can go to that last minute party and actually enjoy yourself.

5. Explore and have fun!Big River Crossing Memphis

Sometimes you can get caught up in your school and work and soon find yourself in a bubble. Make an effort to take time for yourself and try new things. Once per month (yes, be specific), explore a new part of Memphis. Even if you’re from here, there’s plenty to do! Ride the Greenline, walk the Big River Crossing, take in a free show at the Levitt Shell…and let’s not forget it’s almost festival season! Check out our blog on free things to do in Memphis.

We wish you good luck during your spring semester at the UofM and all year long!


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