Companies That Give College Students a Discount

Future Alumni of Memphis

With the annual net cost of attending a four-year college up more than 10% in the past five years, the average undergraduate debt load topping $30,000, and slow-rising wages awaiting them after graduation, college students need to save a buck wherever they can. The good news is, there are lots of ways to save on things you’re already planning to purchase.

MONEY used The University Network‘s collection of store coupons as a starting point, then added in some discounts we’ve learned about for other services. The University Network (TUN) has a full-time staff that updates its list of coupons to keep them current, and the company publishes standing student discounts as well as seasonal sales, CEO Peter Corrigan says. Even more helpful, perhaps, is the exhaustive list of discounts offered by small companies collected by the website. Corrigan says has about 16,000 coupons from businesses around the country. Users can scan through the national brands offering deals or look at a map based on their location.

A similar student discount platform, the U.K.-based Unidays, opens up more deals to brands such as Apple, ASOS, and Express, after students register with the website.

Note that almost every discount requires either a valid student ID or a .edu email address.
College Students ShoppingClothing/other stores

  • American Apparel – 25% off full-price items online and in-store.
  • Ann Taylor – 15% off full-price merchandise.
  • Ann Taylor Loft – 15% off full-price merchandise.
  • Banana Republic – 15% off full-price merchandise.
  • Bonobos – 15% off.
  • Club Monaco – 20% off online or in-store.
  • Eastern Mountain Sports – 20% off full-price EMS merchandise or 15% off full-price
  • merchandise from other brands.
  • Eddie Bauer – 15% off full-price merchandise.
  • Crew – 15% off.
  • Jo-Ann Fabrics – 10% off in stores.
  • Kenneth Cole – 20% off full-price merchandise.
  • The Limited – 15% off full-price merchandise.
  • Levi’s – 15% off certain items online.
  • Lou & Grey – 15% off full-price merchandise.
  • Madewell – 15% off in stores.
  • Modells – 10% off regular and sale price.
  • Original Penguin – 10% off online store.
  • PacSun – 10% off online.
  • Perry Ellis – 10% off online.
  • Reebok – 20% off online.
  • Steve Madden – 10% off full-price merchandise.
  • Tommy Hilfiger – 15% off online & 10% off in-store.
  • Topman – 10% off online or in stores.
  • Topshop – 10% off in-store.
  • West Elm – 15% off in stores and online.

TechCollege Student Laptop

  • Apple – Up to $200 off computers with Apple Education Pricing.
  • AT&T – $59 off each month of U-verse TV and internet with a year subscription.
  • Best Buy – Register your student information of Best Buy College Student Deals
  • Lenovo – Up to 60% off by participating in the Academic Purchase Discount Program.
  • Logitech – 20% off through Logitech Academy.
  • Microsoft – 10% off at its Education Store.
  • T-Mobile – $60 off smartphones and tablets.

Entertainment/other services

  • AMC Movie Theaters – Daily discount on evening tickets, amount varies by theater.
  • Spotify – 50% off subscriptions
  • New York Times – $1 a week for digital-only access or 50% off home delivery.
  • Wall Street Journal – $49 a year for print and digital access.


  • Zip Car – Up to 100% off application fee and 80% off annual membership fees.
  • Amtrak – 15% off lowest Value or Flexible Fare.
  • Budget Truck Rentals – 20% off local moves and 15% off one-way moves.

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Check out University of Memphis Student Discounts for even more local and national savings.

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10 Must Have Apps for College Students



10 Must Have Apps for College Students! Save time by being productive and organized | The Kardia Blog

If I were to list a single skill I wish I had already mastered, it’d be productivity. Being a full-time student has taught me so much about prioritizing and not procrastinating. But of course, it’s not always easy. I’m always looking for more ways to be productive. And living in the smartphone generation, apps are one of those ways. Social media apps such as Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest definitely get the most use on my phone, but those don’t allow me to be very productive. That got me thinking about the apps that come in handy the most when I am in school. Which ones help me stay on top of everything? So the following apps and resources are ones that I personally use and recommend to any busy person looking to maximize the time they have and stay organized.Update: Don’t miss 10+ MORE must have apps for college students!


RefME (Free / Website)

RefMe is a must have for college students!

I’ve been using RefME for all my papers this semester, and I don’t know why I didn’t use it before! It’s such an amazing resource! Nobody likes figuring out how to cite a source. RefME does all the hard stuff and lets you collect sources fast and keep them organized in groups. You can either search for the reference title, author, url, etc., or simply fill in the boxes with the appropriate information, select what citation style you need, and voilá! A perfect bibliography/works cited is born! Some other great features are that it allows you to export your bibliography directly into a Word document and shows you the correct inline citation to use. With their app, you can even scan book/journal barcodes to get citations. How easy it that?

Sunrise (Free / iPhoneAndroidMac)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogWhile the default calendar app is fine for appointments and schedules, I find the Sunrise app even better. Upon opening the app, you can see your schedule for the next few days with little icons beside each event letting you know if it’s a class, meeting, work, etc. I love how simple and straightforward it is!

MyWater (Free / iPhone)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogI’m super bad at drinking enough water 🙁 I use this app to keep track of how many water bottles I drink in a day. You can set your daily goal, what size bottle you’re using, and have reminders go off at different times during the day. It’s easy to use too, just swipe up when you drink a glass of water!

Sleep Cycle ($0.99 / iPhoneAndroid)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogI hate that feeling of waking up all groggy and tired for an early morning class. Sleep Cycle analyzes your sleep and wakes you up when you’re in the lightest sleep phase. Graphs provide you with information about your sleep quality, what times you went to sleep in the past 3 months, the average time you spend in bed, and your sleep quality on certain days of the week. Definitely worth the $0.99!

Shopkick (Free / iPhoneAndroid)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogFree gift cards? Yes, please! Use shopkick to get points for walking into stores like Target, American Eagle, and Best Buy. Then, redeem your points for gift cards. Shopkick also has coupons and deals for tons of stores that you already go to on a regular basis.

Pocket (Free / iPhoneAndroidMac)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogDon’t lose track of the all the interesting things you find by letting tabs pile up in your browser. Pocket allows you to easily save articles, videos, and more for later. Everything goes to one place, so you can view it anytime, on any device, even without internet. Perfect for when you want to read an article or watch a video but don’t have time at the moment.

Mint (Free / iPhoneAndroid)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogThis is the perfect app for creating a budget and keeping track of where you spend your money. Set up financial goals such as saving up for spring break, paying off your school loans, or buying a car and get advice on how you should budget and distribute your paychecks in your checking and savings accounts.

She Reads Truth (Free / iPhoneWebsite)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia Blog

She Reads Truth is an online community of women who read the Bible and encourage one another. Devotional reading plans can be read on their website for free, emailed to you, or read through the iPhone app (for a small fee depending on how recent the plan is). The app also includes beautiful lock screens with scripture on them!

Duolingo (Free / iPhoneAndroidWebsite)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogI have to take a language class for my Bachelor of Arts degree, so I’m getting ahead of the game by learning spanish for free on Duolingo. This app can help you learn Spanish, French, German, Portuguese, or Italian using easy exercises to help you spell and pronounce the new words! You can set how long you want to learn each day (5 minutes, 10 minutes, etc.) making it easy to do in between other tasks.

Dropbox (Free / iPhoneAndroidWebsite)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogI have this fear of my laptop crashing and losing all my photos and documents. That’s why I save important things in Dropbox. Another plus is that I can access it on my phone! It makes sending photos taken on my phone to my Mac super easy.

Any.Do (Free / iPhoneAndroidWebsite)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogI’ve tried SO many to-do list apps, and this one is by far my favorite! Simple and straightforward, the app allows you to set tasks for today, tomorrow, upcoming, and someday. Once a task is complete, just click it to make it disappear. I like using the website version since I usually have it open in my web browser.

Caffeine (Free / Mac)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia BlogDon’t let your Mac fall asleep while you’re working on paper ever again! Install Caffeine on your computer and a little coffee cup will appear in the toolbar at the top. Just click on the cup to keep your Mac awake for a set amount of time (I have mine set for 30 minutes). Once the time is up, your computer will go into normal power saving mode.

theSkimm (Free / Website)

10+ Must Have Apps for College Students | The Kardia Blog

This last resource isn’t an app, but rather an easy way to stay current with the news. I don’t have time to read or watch the news every day, and sometimes I feel like I’m disconnected with what is going on in the world. theSkimm breaks down headlines and delivers the news to you in a simple, easy-to-read email that is sent to you every morning. Read it while brushing your teeth or eating your breakfast, it only takes a few minutes.

I hope these apps are as helpful to you as they are to me! Enjoy! 🙂

Don’t miss 10+ MORE must have apps for college students!

What are your must have apps?


P.S. Make sure you have these 8 College Girl Must Haves!!

What To Do the Summer Before College

Do you plan on entering the University of Memphis this fall and you’re wondering what to do with your summer? You’ll want to spend time enjoying yourself while getting prepared for the big move. Here’s what to do the summer before college.


Now is the time to save up a little money so you can have time for studying and extracurricular activities during the school year. Don’t have to work? Great! Real world experience interning helps pad your resume and can help you decide on a major. The University of Memphis has some great information on internships.


Take advantage of this down time to catch up on your favorite novels. You’ll be too busy reading course material once college begins. Reading will help keep you mentally sharp and give you great topics for conversation when meeting new people!


Summer vacation is a term gone with the past once you enter college and the real world, so take advantage and travel! The experience provides great relaxing, learning experiences, and culture.


Need we say more?

Spend Time with Family and Friends

If the U of M is away from home for you, there’s a chance you’ll become really homesick. So, make sure you spend some quality time with your friends and family while you can. Even if Memphis is your home, college tends to take up a lot of time and you’ll find your network of friends growing.

Get organized

Going into the new school year will go so much smoother if you are organized and ready to go. Set a budget and get your financials in order. Plan your dorm room or apartment necessities. Gather all your school paperwork and work ahead of all the final deadlines.

Shop for Back to School

Summertime is a great time to hit the sales on fall and winter clothing. You also want to beat the back to school rush on supplies. Check out our Dorm Room Essentials list!

Start Thinking about College Extracurricular Activities

Intramural sports, exercise classes, Greek life, student government…You’ll want to be involved to have a more enriching experience in college. Peruse the University of Memphis website and social media sites to get all the information you can ahead of time as groups start planning things before classes begin.

Binge TV

Make sure you finish up those Netflix marathons of Walking Dead or OITNB this summer. The only time you’ll have for these is when you’re procrastinating studying for your exams!

Shop for Tiger Gear

And you gotta make sure you’re stocked up on Memphis Tigers clothing and accessories! Tiger Bookstore has the largest selection and best prices in town. We are the go-to place for all current U of Memphis students and Memphis fans, and you’ll see why once you stop by!

Follow all the U of M, Memphis Tigers and Tiger Bookstore Social Media Sites

Make sure you’re ‘in the know’ of what’s going on with your new school, your Tigers athletic teams, and around town. Tiger Bookstore always has the most up-to-date info you need, helpful advice, and fun stuff for you all year long…so follow us! You’ll see why we are ‘Off Campus, Online, & Always Fun! Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course our Blog.

Check out our blog, Tips for Incoming University of Memphis Freshmen for great advice for your first semester. Congratulations on choosing the University of Memphis and we wish you an AMAZING school year!

8 Simple Rules For Choosing Your Next Roommate

March 18, 2015 8:49 am‚ By ZARA HUSAINI repost from College Candy

This school year is winding down so it’s probably time to start laying the groundwork for the next one. One thing to think about? Who you want next to you through it all.

We’re talking about your roommate, of course. Finding the perfect one can mean the difference between a good year and a great year, so choose wisely – and let these eight tips be your guide.

1. Don’t live with one of your BFFs.

Living with one of your best friends may seem like a nonstop party but the truth is, it can lead to disaster. Rooming with someone is tough. There’s a good chance you’ll have tension and when this happens between two close friends, there’s even more pressure. It’s sort of like how you never want to date your best friend – ’cause if things go south, it could seriously ruin the friendship.

2. Chose someone who has it together.

Living with the perpetual party girl on your floor may seem super fun but trust: Too much of a good thing can be rough on both your studies and your sanity. If she’s out every single night, skipping class every day and never studying, it’ll create an atmosphere that makes it difficult for you to get your life in order. But at the same time….

3. Avoid rooming with a hermit.

Do not, I repeat, do not live with someone who never leaves the dorm/apartment/house. Anyone who prefers to order in every single night, rarely goes to parties and takes classes online just might make your life miserable. Why? The answer is simple: You’ll never any time to yourself at your place. I’m not saying you need to choose someone who has plans every single night, just make sure this person likes to get out every once in a while.

4.Pick someone with a sleep cycle similar to yours.

Before agreeing to live with someone, discussed your sleep habits – and be completely honest about them. If you like to sleep in until noon whenever possible, own up to it. Night owls should stick with other night owls; early  birds should fly with other early birds.

5. Ditto for someone with a similar budget.

Get a feel for her financial situation before committing – obviously you have to handle this delicately, but it’s important that you choose someone who has a budget that’s in the same ballpark as yours. If you live with someone who never needs to worry about money, you may feel pressured to pay a rent you can’t afford, go out to too many fancy dinners or chip in for furniture/decorations that are out of your price range. If you live with someone who can afford to spend much less than you can, you may always feel like you have to compromise or settle for less than what you wanted.

6. Chose someone who has different interests than you do.

If you end up taking all the same classes and joining all the same clubs, it might be too close for comfort – but the really important thing is that you don’t always go out together, which just leads to drunken fights. If you’re a hardcore club-goer and your prospective roomie loves sports bars, don’t fret – this will actually be great form your relationship. You’ll get some time apart when you go out at night. The other upside? You can take each other (once in a while) and expose each other to new stuff.

7. Pick someone who likes to cook.

Need I see more? Didn’t think so. Obviously it’s not a deal breaker if she can’t cook….but living with someone who likes to make huge portions of delicious food would be pretty awesome.

8. Choose someone who is around your size.

So you can borrow her clothes, duh! Or better yet, choose someone who has the same shoe size as you do….

To view the original College Candy article click here.

Six Money Saving Tips for Students Paying Their Way Through College

Your college years are some of the best of your life — you make new friends, learn new skills and information and enter the adult world. The first two are usually great. It’s the “entering the adult world” part that proves challenging for some, especially when you’re footing the entire bill. Sure there are student loans, scholarships and grants that will help if you’re lucky enough to get them, but since few undergrads are fortunate enough to get a full ride, here are six tips you can implement so that you graduate with as little debt as possible:


Live on campus and use their meal plan.

Unless you have extenuating circumstances, it’s usually simplest and cheapest to live in the dorms since you’re likely to be close to your classes and you don’t have to worry about maintenance and repairs. Likewise, having a meal plan means that you don’t have to go to the grocery store, cook meals-for-one or waste the extra food that you forget about in the back of the fridge.


Get a job on campus.

Work-study programs or a regular on-campus jobs are great ways to earn money without the expense of having to drive to work. Working in the cafeteria isn’t as lucrative as waitressing at a trendy café, but your boss will be cool with working around your classes, and you’ll always have plenty of people who can work for you when you need a night off.


Make the most of technology.

If you’re just a casual listener, buying music from iTunes or Amazon can do a number on your bank account, so take advantage of services like Spotify which allow you to stream music for free or purchase a low-cost premium option. You can also stream your favorite shows from Hulu or Netflix for little money. If you need to pay for your own cable, phone and internet, notes that by buying bundled packages you can save over buying them each separately.


Become a bargain hunter.

Do you love designer clothes, but not the price tags they carry? Head to an upscale part of town (or one in a nearby city) and check out the secondhand stores there. Often you’ll find the brands you’re looking for at a price you won’t gag over. If buying used isn’t your cup of tea, head straight to the clearance racks and start your shopping trips there.


Make a date with the Sunday circulars.

Living and eating on campus won’t take care of expenses like toiletries and school supplies. Each Sunday head to your school’s library or student union to check out the weekly sales and see if there’s anything you can stock up on. Stores usually run sales in 12-week cycles, so even if you still have a bottle of shampoo left, it’s a wise decision to buy another two bottles when it’s 50% off so that you don’t have to pay full price when you run out.


Keep your student ID with you at all times.

You never know just where you’ll be able to score a student discount, so be prepared to flash that piece of plastic that forever immortalizes your freshman-year look. Get in the habit of asking if your favorite coffee shops, bookstores and restaurants offer discounts.  Check our list of some businesses who offer student discounts.


Free Things To Do in Memphis

If you are new to the area and attending the University of Memphis…this blog’s for you!  Even if you are from here, you might find some hidden gems of places to visit and things to do.  Most college students are on a budget, so let’s talk about the free things to do in Memphis.


Everyone’s heard of Beale Street, but it’s not all bars.  It’s one of America’s most famous streets, a diverse and thriving area, containing restaurants, nightclubs, parks, museums and shopping.  Make sure you check out the Beale Street Flippers, a group of kids that perform stunning acrobatic moves down Beale Street all day and night.  They have been featured on ‘America’s Got Talent’, and perform regularly at halftime at Grizzlies games.  They flip for tips (which are collected by younger flippers-in-training), so help support keeping these kids ‘on the street’…flipping!

While walking down the street, you’ll notice the Beale Street Brass Note Walk of Fame.  Between 2nd and 3rd street, musical notes are embedded in the concrete marking the Walk of Fame, where some of Memphis’ finest musicians are honored.

Stroll down Beale Street to Handy Park, which features free concerts and traveling musicians. The next free concert is Fall on Beale on Friday, November 1st. This year Kix 106 Memphis is bringing in the country chart topping artists Joe Nichols and Cassadee Pope to perform.

The Flaming Lips perform at Handy Park 2012

The Memphis Rock ‘n’ Soul Museum at 191 Beale St. offers a comprehensive Memphis music experience. Free admission on Tuesday from 2 p.m. to 7 p.m. for Shelby County, Tenn. residents only.

Just south of Beale, check out the eclectic South Main Historic Arts District.  The best way to experience this area spotted with cool museums, boutiques, and cafes, is on Trolley nights.  Free rides for the Art Trolley Tour run from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. the last Friday of each month of the year, rain or shine.  Shops, restaurants and art galleries in the area open their doors to the public, some offering free hors d’oeuvres and wine.

South Main Historic Arts District

Center for Southern Folklore on Main Street houses exhibits and photographs on the arts, music and culture of the area, as well as a café serving hot-water cornbread, vegetarian greens and peach cobbler plus a coffee/beer bar. They often host several special events and weekend concerts throughout the year.

Center for Southern Folklore  Memphis, TN

The Peabody Hotel lobby is definitely worth seeing.  Try to go at 11:00 a.m. when you’ll catch a procession of mallard ducks making its way from the roof of the Peabody Hotel down to the Grand Lobby. Once there, a red carpet is rolled out and John Philip Sousa’s King Cotton March begins to play. The ducks then march into the ornate fountain in the center of the lobby. At 5:00 p.m., the ceremony is reversed when the ducks return to their rooftop home. Though this may sound like an odd ritual, it has been a Memphis tradition since the 1930’s.

The Famous Peabody Hotel Ducks  Memphis, Tn

Ghost River Brewing Company Tours at 827 S. Main St offers a free brewery tour (with free samples) every Saturday at 1 p.m. Reservations required.

Learn about the significant moments of civil and human rights struggles and victories at the National Civil Rights Museum at 450 Mulberry St, just south of Beale St. Free admission on Mondays from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. for Tennessee residents only.

National Civil Rights Museum

The free area of the river park on Mud Island features a ½ mile model of the Mississippi river that empties into a wading pool replica of the Gulf of Mexico, complete with sprinklers for kids to run through. To make this a free trip, use the footbridge instead of the monorail to access the park and skip the museum.  Mud Island is host to many big name concert acts at their amphitheater throughout the season.  You can sit on the bluffs across from the island and catch a little bit of some of these great shows for free.

Mud Island Park River Walk Memphis, Tn

The Mississippi river is magnificent and a great place to visit for a walk, a picnic, or just some relaxation. The grassy banks, cobblestones, and walkways of the riverside can accommodate a variety of activities.  This is the best place to catch beautiful sunsets and watch the riverboats and barges cruise by.

As you leave downtown, heading towards midtown, check out Elmwood Cemetery. Elmwood Cemetery is Memphis’ oldest active cemetery and is abundant with Memphis history. Its residents include Confederate and Union generals, mayors, governors, adams, outlaws, and spies. Additionally, the grounds of Elmwood are adorned with tombstones that are crumbling and moss-covered and tombstones that are gothic and breathtaking. The cemetery is open daily from 8:00 a.m. – 4:30 p.m.  This is a fantastic place for student photographers!

Elmwood Cemetery Memphis, Tn


You must visit the midtown Cooper Young District.  This is a revitalized, hip art and entertainment district full of cool specialty restaurants, unique boutiques, antique stores, galleries and farmer’s markets.  Experience the nightlife in Cooper Young where hundreds are drawn each month to the popular First Thursday ‘Night Out’ from 5pm-9pm. On this night, the antique, specialty shops, local restaurants and bars offer up discounts. An eclectic mix of music is featured at the neighborhood square and in many of the businesses all free for your listening and dancing pleasure.  And hopefully you didn’t miss the Cooper-Young Festival earlier in September, the largest single day annual event in Memphis, that draws over eighty thousand to the neighborhood. From artists to flea market vendors, the streets are lined with over 370 booths and music on three stages.

Cooper Young Festival Memphis, Tn

Overton square was once one of the most thriving areas in Memphis.  Many new businesses have recently opened helping bring the area back to its once splendidness.  You can find fantastic restaurants, bars, shopping, and entertainment.  Playhouse on the Square, on South Cooper one block from Overton Square, offers ‘Pay What You Can’ night when new productions open, usually on weeknights or Saturday mornings.

Playhouse on the Square Memphis, Tn

Overton Park is where you’ll find young Memphians hanging out on the weekends with their dogs and hula-hoops.  You can often find people playing their conga drums, belly dancing or working on their art project.  It is the home of the Memphis College of Art, Brooks Museum of Art, Memphis Zoo, and Levitt Shell.  The Memphis Zoo is one of the best in the country, and TN residents can get in free on Tuesdays from 2pm until closeThe Brooks Museum has ‘Pay what you can’ Wednesdays, and is only $3 with a student ID any other time. 

Overton Park Drum Circle

The Levitt Shell in Overton Park is an enchanting venue that offers over 50 free, outdoor, professional performances a year.  This historic outdoor amphitheater staged celebrities like Elvis Presley, Al Green and Jerry Lee Lewis.

 (Daily News File Photo: Lance Murphey)

The Dixon Gallery and Gardens  is right around the corner from the University of Memphis.  It’s one of Memphis’ premier art museums specializing  in Impressionist and post-Impressionist paintings and decorative arts complete with beautiful, thriving gardens. There is free admission on Saturday mornings from 10 a.m. until noon and it’s ‘Pay What You Can’ on Tuesdays.

Dixon Gallery and Gardens Memphis, Tn

This is just a start for your free fun in Memphis!  Stay tuned for more blogs where we will talk about the free offerings all year on the U of M campus, the Greenline, fall festivals, and the best bars and restaurants for college students.  Be sure to add your own free finds in the comments.  Have fun exploring!

Tiger Lane Tailgating

No matter how the Memphis Tigers football team is performing any given season, you will always find those die-hard Tiger fans at every home game, if not every game.  You will also find them celebrating pre-game at Tiger Lane outside the Liberty Bowl stadium with tasty treats, Tiger flags and tents and everything Tiger blue!  The laughter and cheers of thousands of students, alumni and fans decked out in Tiger gear echo through the Liberty Bowl parking lots as early as 8pm the day before the game.

If you want to experience Tiger Lane tailgating like the ‘professionals’, Tiger Bookstore is here to help!

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Bookstore has all your game day and tailgating gear!

Tiger Gear

It is an absolute MUST to sport Tiger blue for the game and during Tiger Lane tailgating festivities.  Tiger Bookstore has you covered with t-shirts, hoodies, caps and jackets.  For the hardcore Tiger fan, we have everything from wigs and face paint to Tiger tails and ears!  And don’t worry…if you get there and feel you’re not tigerlicious enough, Tiger Bookstore is always selling Tiger merchandise at Tiger Lane before the games and inside the stadium during the games.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Look for Tiger Bookstore at Tiger Lane in the Highland Hundred lot and inside the Liberty Bowl stadium.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Get creative with your football tailgating treats!

Food and Drink

In the sacred art of tailgating, one must have food!  Traditionally, juicy burgers and plump franks did the trick.  But, today tailgate grilling is serious business!  You’ll find tailgaters slow cooking ribs, chicken on the rotisserie, and dozens of types of dips.  If you’re looking for tasty, unique creations that are sure to please, check out our Tailgating! board on Pinterest.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Bookstore has Memphis Tigers tailgating utensils, napkins, plates, cups…everything you need for grilling and entertaining.

Make sure you come armed with the proper cooking tools and utensils so you’re not trying to flip your burgers with a plastic fork.  You might need tongs, spatulas, a basting brush, skewers, foil, and a cooking thermometer.  Also, don’t forget the cups, napkins, plates, plastic ware, and wet wipes.  And you can never have too many condiments!  Honey BBQ sweet ‘n’ sour spicy jalapeno mustard? Yes, please!

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Blue Jello shots are one of the game day libations found in Tiger Lane.

Tiger tea, blue margaritas, blue Jello shots, football punch…creativity is abound in the drink department as well! When it comes to game day celebrations and you are over 21, please party responsibly so good times can be had for all.  Make sure you are also stocked with non-alcoholic beverages and plenty of water.  Your bar necessities include a blender, bottle opener and cork screw.  And don’t forget your favorite Memphis koozies and shot glasses!

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Don’t forget to pick up some tailgating games and accessories before heading out to Tiger Lane.

Tailgating Fun and Games

Many people have their TVs and even satellite dishes, but there are many good old-fashioned ways to have fun and keep your guests entertained.  Swing by Tiger Bookstore and get your Memphis Tiger cornhole toss games and table tennis (or beer pong tables) with Tiger pong balls.

Tiger Lane Tailgating

Tiger Lane tailgating is one of the best things about Memphis Tigers football season!

Don’t make your guests sit on the curb!  Bring plenty of chairs and tables.  If your just visiting Tiger Lane, carry your own fold-up chair so you’ll be comfortable no matter where you end up.

Memphis weather can be very unpredictable, so check the forecast before heading out.  Once that sun goes down, you could be looking at a significant drop in temperature.  It never hurts to carry extra hoodies, blankets, gloves, and scarves.  If you forget or don’t plan well, we will be selling these items at the game.  But we might sell out, so find us early!  Also be prepared with tailgate tents, tarps, and umbrellas.

Tailgating before the Memphis football games is a necessary part of the football season experience.  It’s a chance to meet other Tiger fans and a way to support your hometown team.  If you celebrate responsibly and follow the Liberty Bowl/Tiger Lane rules and regulations, you will have great weekend of deliciousness, libations, and comradery!


College Dorm Room Decor Tips on a Budget

True or False: Decorating your dorm room is crazy boring and über expensive. FALSE! Whether you’re decorating your first dorm room or making changes to your current one, it’s always exciting to try something new. Problem is the economy doesn’t always allow for the expensive sofas and ginormous TVs we want. To make it easier on you, we’ve cooked up a list of tips to make your dorm room feel just like home.

Shop Around

Awesome post-it wall art found on Pinterest

Awesome post-it wall art found on Pinterest

Need a lamp? How about a couch? The biggest mistake you could make while shopping for furniture is settling for the first item you come across. Search around (responsibly) on sites such as Craigslist or your college’s forum, if available. Local thrift stores also serve as a treasure trove of fantastic finds. Keep a list of the different pieces of furniture you locate including the store name and cost, then weigh out your options before making a decision.

Keep your furniture conservative and functional. Here’s a quick list of additional goodies to invest in:

  • A cheap fan can keep you and your electric bill cool during the summer months.
  • Investing in a mini fridge and microwave may seem expensive, but you won’t believe the amount of money you’ll save not having to eat out every night.
  • Have a chest of drawers with extra drawer space? To avoid clutter, use the drawers to store your other numerous odds and ends.

Ready to get crafty? If you have furniture you’re looking to spruce up or maybe a wall that’s a little too blank, there are tons of cheap ways to mix it up. Here’re a few ideas to tickle your fancy and inspire you to create something that’s all you:

Make art from free paint samples

  • Save space and show off your unique style by investing in a few plastic tubs and some wrapping paper or fabric. Use wrapping paper or fabric to line the outside of the boxes (like wrapping a present) then secure with tape on the inside.
  • Do the same with the lid. Store books, chargers, photos, or anything you want in these tubs. Your tubs will match your other decorations and won’t feel like clutter.
  • Paint samples can be a crafter’s best friend. You can pick these up at your local home depot and at most hardware stores. Grab several strips in whatever colors you choose and use them to fill in spaces on your wall or bulletin board. Do what you want. It’s your space!
  • Feeling homesick? Instead of using tons of push pins to hang pictures (and poke ghastly holes in them) invest in some string or yarn, clothes pins, and Command Damage Free Hooks. Place your hooks on the wall then tie the string around each hook. Be sure to leave some slack between in the string. Now, pin your pictures to the string with the clothes pins. Simple as that!
  • For cheap and removable wall decor, cover a wall with fabric.
  • Recycle your old magazines into a plant or alarm clock stand. Magazine pages can be recycled hundreds of different ways and add a nice splash of color to any space.
  • Use bed risers or blocks under your bed to provide extra space for storage.Capture
  • Create a braided rag rug from old t-shirts or fabric scraps.
  • No dorm room is complete without a lava lamp. Create your own to match your dorm decor.

We hope these tips help you design a comfortable living space for your time in college. Check out Pinterest and Craftster for more fun, easy, and cheap ideas to help shape up your dorm room. Best of luck!

University of Memphis Area Restaurants


All University of Memphis students should keep a list of restaurants that deliver or are within walking distance of the U of M. Many University of Memphis area restaurants offer student discounts, so make sure you ask and have your student ID.



University of Memphis Restaurants

Ubee’s on the Highland strip delivers until 3am! (Try the Tiger Balls. You won’t be disappointed!)

Domino’s           323-3030

Garibaldi’s       327-6111

Juicy Jim’s     435-6243

Wang’s            458-4880

Ubee’s             323-0900

Camy’s             725-1667

Pizza Hut         362-3333

Papa John’s     327-3600

Derae Restaurant      252-6036


University of Memphis Restaurants

RP Tracks offers great lunch specials and is a hot late night spot for students.

Within walking distance

This is the third and recently opened location for this hip coffee and sandwich shop.

This is the third and recently opened location for this hip coffee and sandwich shop.

RP Tracks   3547 Walker Ave.

Moe’s Southwest Grill  3546 Walker Ave.

Brother Juniper‘s  3519 Walker Ave.

Mister P’s Hot Wings  546 S. Highland St.

Lenny’s Subs    521 S Highland St

Juicy Jim’s  551 S. Highland St.

RP Billiards  525 S. Highland St.

Quizno’s   671 S. Highland St.

McDonald’s  657 S. Highland St.

Cafe Eclectic 510 S. Highland in the Stratum.

Blues City Hot Dogs 669 Highland St.

Avenue Coffee 786 Echles St.

University of Memphis restaurants

Jim is from New Jersey, so expect some of the best pizza in town and oversized subs you can share with two friends! Try the Philly Cheesestake and the Hangover Special.

A few blocks north

Jason’s Deli  3473 Poplar Ave. in the shopping center behind Buster’s Liquors

Subway  199 S. Highland St. in the shopping center next to Buster’s Liquors

A-Tan’s Hibachi Steakhouse and Chinese  3445 Poplar Ave. in the shopping center behind Buster’s Liquors

La Hacienda Mexican 3491 Poplar Ave

Perkins  3455 Poplar Ave.

The Elegant Farmer 262 S Highland St

Buffalo Wild Wings  3448 Poplar Ave.

Piccadilly  3425 Poplar Ave.

Raffe's Deli and International Beer Garden

Raffe’s Deli and International Beer Garden

El Porton Mexican  65 S. Highland St.

CiCi’s Pizza  3474 Plaza Ave.  in the shopping center at Poplar/Highland behind Old Navy

McAllister’s 3482 Plaza Ave.  in the shopping center at Poplar/Highland behind Old Navy

Osaka Japanese Cuisine and Sushi 3402 Poplar Ave.

Raffe’s Deli and Beer Garden 3358 Poplar Ave

Taco Bell  3378 Poplar Ave.

Checker’s  3280 Poplar Ave.

Krystal’s  3227 Poplar Ave.

A few blocks south

Probably the best Mexican food in town!  Try the pastor tacos and the homemade chips and guacamole!

Probably the best Mexican food in town! Try the pastor tacos and the homemade chips and guacamole!

Las Delicias 4002 Park Ave.

El Puerto Mexican Grill & Bar   775 S. Highland St.

Yum’s Chinese Restaurant   782 S. Highland St.

Jack Pirtle’s Fried Chicken 811 S Highland St

Wendy’s  749 S. Highland St.

KFC  727 S. Highland St.

Burger King  3966 Park Ave.

Derae Restaurant-East African & Mediterranean Cuisine, 25% off discount to students! 923 S. Highland St.

Jiji’s Wraps Cafe– fusion of Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, Ethiopian & American pita pocket wraps 3950, Park Avenue

Pete & Sam’s Italian Restaurant 3886 Park Ave

Jr Fish & Chicken 3992 Park Ave

15 Tips for Incoming University of Memphis Freshmen

The University of Memphis may seem intimidating for new freshmen, but it’s really not that bad!  It won’t take you long to learn the ins and outs, but we want to help with a few tips gathered from our Tiger Bookstore employees.

  1. Keep an open mind.  Now that you’re a University of Memphis freshman, you will be branching out and experiencing new people, places and things.  The University of Memphis is a diverse college environment reflecting its surrounding city.  Step outside of your comfort zone and make new and different friends.  Take risks and get involved with organizations with which you’re not accustomed.  Shake the familiar…this is your time to grow!
  2. You’ll soon figure out that because Mom isn’t around to tell you to pick up your clothes, study, or not stay out late…there is a reason she harped on you!  It’s time to get responsible and take care of yourself.  (In other words, if the towel you’ve used for two weeks smells moldy…wash it.)
  3. Go to class!  Several of your professors will have attendance policies.  Make sure you read your syllabus closely.  Sometimes more than 3 absences can earn you an F!  Pay attention in class and sit up front.  If you’re not a morning person don’t schedule morning classes, because you probably won’t go.   Take only classes you enjoy your first year while you’re still adjusting.  Yes, its okay to take Underwater Basket Weaving 101 if you absolutely love it, even if you don’t want to be a professional underwater basket weaver.  If it counts and you’ll go to class, take it.
  4. Don’t procrastinate.  Turn off your Facebook (as difficult as this may be) and knock out your studies so you can have a good time without the stress.  College workloads can pile up much faster than they did in high school!
  5. Get to know your professors.  Take advantage of their office hours.  Not only will you get a feel for who they are and what they want out of you and your work, you might need a letter of recommendation one day.  Your professors are your best resource for advice during your college years and they want you to come to them!
  6. Ask around for advice.  Professors, advisers, upper classman, student workers…if you don’t know, ask!  People have been where you are and they are more than happy to help!  Most of the employees at Tiger Bookstore are college graduates or currently attending the U of M.  We are always willing to help with any questions, no matter how strange!
  7. Find classes and parking before the first day of class.  The University of Memphis is a metropolitan campus with a lot of commuters.  So, make sure you know where to park for your classes and leave time for the train !(That dang train will be a whole blog post-or rant-on its own.)  It might be worth paying extra for Priority Gate Access Parking.  These are sold on a first-come, first-served basis.  There is also the Blue Line shuttle service that helps move people around campus and between the main campus and Park Avenue campus. So you don’t have to ‘parking lot hop’!
  8. Call your family! They miss you!
  9. The ‘Freshman 15’ is a real thing!  Unfortunately, it’s hard to eat healthy on a budget.  (And Ramen noodles are not very healthy for you!)  But it is possible!  The University of Memphis Food Service has a great guide for nutrition and wellness.  Also check the site $5 Dinners for some creative ways to eat well on a budget!
  10. Stay healthy!  Take advantage of the U of M Student Recreation and Fitness Center.  Check out the ‘TIGERS FEEL GRRREAT’ fitness program designed to assist you with your personal fitness and weight loss goals.  If you feel sick, or have any health related questions, Visit the U of M Student Health Services on campus.  All these services are free…so use them!
  11. Have community showers  in your dorm?  Wear flip-flops  in the shower.  Seriously.
  12. The University of Memphis is consistently ranked the safest large campus in the state of Tennessee.  But, it is still important to always be aware of your surroundings and follow simple procedures for staying safe Learn where the safety phones are.  Call 901-678-HOME (4663) if you would like a Tiger Escort. This service is available from dusk until dawn, 7 days a week.   The emergency number for the University Police is 901-678-4357 (678-HELP).  Program their number into your cell phone’s speed dial.
  13. Of course you will be warned to be careful with your drinking, your irresponsible Facebook posts, and safe sexual practices.  All college students make silly mistakes all in the name of having a good time.  Just be smart and make sure those mistakes don’t ruin your chance for a bright future.  You know that ‘permanent record’ you always heard about growing up?  Well, maybe it wasn’t so permanent.  But it is now.  You are responsible for yourself and transitioning into the ‘real world’.  Have fun, but be smart!
  14. Explore!  Learn about your University of Memphis, visit the museum, go to a U of M football game,  find out about all the awesome things to do in Memphis! (And visit Tiger Bookstore)
  15. This is the time of your life!  So play hard, stay healthy, study smart, call your mom, wear  flip flops in community showers, think twice about that 3AM Facebook post, wash your towels, and ENJOY!  Hope you love the University of Memphis as much as we do and have a great year!